Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Blog Post #1

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A bit about me
My name is Jamie Cunningham. I am 25 years old and happily married. I have been married for 3 years to Brian Cunningham. I have two beautiful children that mean the world to me. My son Bryce is three and my daughter Brooke is 1. I honestly don't plan on having any more children because my two are a hand full. After giving birth to my first it was so hard for me to leave. I got attached and decided to become a stay at home mom. I loved being home with my babies and I taught them so much. I taught my son his colors, alphabets, shapes, and numbers. Education is important to me and I want my children to excel in all they do. Although I was educating them I felt they needed to be around other kids, and I needed to get back into school to finish my education. So, January 2012 I decided it was time to make a change and enrolled at the University of South Alabama.

I am currently a Junior at South and I am majoring in Elementary Education. I graduated from Bishop State Community College in 2008 with an Associates degree in General Education. If I stick to my plan I will graduated from South in May of 2015. It seems like a long time, but I am sure it will be over before I know it. After I graduate from South I hope I am able to find a job in a local school or daycare. I loved teaching my children various things so I know I will love teaching others and receiving a paycheck will be considered a bonus.

Time Management

While watching the you tube video by Randy Pausch on time management I was thinking that it was possibly a waste of my time.I noticed that the video was cut short and I am happy that it was.But thinking about the whole aspect of time management Randy Pausch did make some good points. He mentioned that in managing time it's a good idea to form a to do list. I write out a to do list daily to make sure that I don't forget anything. The second good point that I noticed was when he said that when you prepare your list make sure you do the "ugliest" thing first. I found this interesting because that is something so hard to do for me. I prefer to do the easier things first and the hardest last. Maybe I need to try this new way on managing my time.


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