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Project #13


For this blog post assignment we were required to tell about the numerous ways that we communicated to complete a smart board assignment. We used text messaging which was the easiest way to communicate! We just text or called each other to know what part we wanted to do! Skype was a little difficult for me to use! Too much to download to initially use it! I preferred using Tango on my phone! It was so much easier to use and! Almost everyone has smart phones now and using Tango is extremely easy! I also text my group members using a tool called voxer! It's free and we were able to chat send pics and voice messages! I was a little scared when I found out that this class was mainly online and we had to do work collectively! I am a stay at home mother so I have free time, but most people work and have extremely busy schedules and are unable to meet in person! Tango and voxer made that a whole lot easier! Also being able to send our blog post and videos through Google docs made the project so much easier! We found it easier to just set up an email account and everyone sent their information to it! We were able to easily transfer the information in-case someone was not able to come to the lab!

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Blog Post #13

Mobile, AL

The Video by Bill Crosby was very interesting! The first thing that came to my mind was the fact that in every c4t that I have done this semester I was first required to identify myself. Every comment started like this..." My name is Jamie Cunningham and I am a student in EDM 310 at the University of South Alabama. I am pretty sure that the students in Mr. Crosby's class had to do something similar. I found it amazing that his students did not know what city they lived in. I know at the beginning of the video he stated that some of the students had moved a lot, but they should still know the current city and country that they live in. I am pretty sure that by requiring the children to add an introduction to there blogs would help them to learn it!! I also found what he did with his class extremely interesting. Children from around the world were able to see what the students accomplished with there balloons. It also gave the children the opportunity to teach someone else! The children seemed so amazed when there balloon went into the air! Another part of the video that I thought was amazing was when a new student was introduced into there class room. The little girl had leukemia and the teacher was told that she would not be able to be with the rest of the class because it would make her sick. With the use of technology it was possible for her to see the other students and participate with the class!! Awesome!

A Vision of Students Today

I loved the Video by Michael Wesch and his students. This short video pointed out a lot of great things. In the video it shows how the students spend a lot of time doing pointless assignments that will not help them later in life, help them find a job, or help solve any problems that the world is facing today. The assignments, papers, and stuff is pointless!!

On one of the papers that one of the students held up it stated that they only got 7 hours of sleep a night. One student stated that they read so many profiles a day! One thing that I noticed was that most students were using technology in class and about how many emails they will send. The papers that students are required to write are pointless. Who besides the teacher will read them?? Being able to express their views and what they have learned on blogs allows everyone in the world to see it. In the video there was writtin on the walls "if walls could talk" most people are doodling while the instructor is teaching. I am currently enrolled in a health and fitness course. I am not gonna name the instructor but, while I am in there I am almost always on my computer looking at other stuff because he just gets up and reads slide (something I can do at home). He then emails us the slides for study material. I see the class as pointless. Teachers write material on chalk boards and the students still have to read the material on there own time. This is not only a wast of the students time but also the teachers!!

How Will You Teach me in the 21st Century
I have no idea what grade I will be teaching so my thoughts on this assignment may be a little random. I included several grade levels in this post!
What I want my children to KNOW- I want my children to know that I am always available for them inside and outside of the classroom setting whether it be telephone, email, or text. they are always able to ask question without being ridiculed or put down regardless how stupid others may think the question is. I want them to know that they are able to express there opinions about the subject even if it's something that they don't like(just express your opinion in a nice way even if you don't like it it will hurt someone's feeling, but life isn't always nice so why set this fantasy up in our children's minds allow them to express there opinions in a nice way).
What I want my children to be able to do This depends on which grade I teach. If I am a pre-k teacher then of course I would not expect this but if I teach third grade then I would. In a third grade class I would expect them to know how to blog and how to successful find useful information on the internet. I would expect them to have a Facebook page with all of there classmates as friends and to use the page daily with questions or answers to classmates questions. I would expect them to come to class motivated to learn something new every day! I want them to participate in class discussions and put a full effort towards learning.
What I want them to have experienced I want them to experience having a teacher who really cares. I want them to be able to say that they learned something new in a different manner from other teachers. I want them to experience a fun and exciting way of learning rather than the traditional boring learning environment.
Reflection Melinda Krafts movie was made by taking a lot of pictures and putting them into a movie with music and text. If I were to create a movie like this. I would take pictures throughout the entire semester. Random pics, Pictures of there faces when I say certain things and pictures of them attempting to try new things. By the end of the semester I want them to have mastered the skills that I teach and take new pics of them having mastered the skills. I will put the pictures into a video. I wish I had pictures of my face from the first day of edm310 I was really lost! I still don't know everything but i'm sure my first day face was really nervous! And to see me now blogging and using Skype and Facebook I am amazed with technology. I still don't know everything and everyday I learn something new but, I am not as scared and I actually feel way more comfortable using technology. I want my students to be able to see this!! See how much they have progressed throughout the semester! See there failure and where they tried again.

The basic Technology tool kit for a teacher
The skills that are mentioned in this post are many of the skills that I have learned in EDM310. I can not say that I have mastered everything on here because I am still learning new things daily! Anyone in the Education field should constantly learn as well as be teaching! Technology will forever change and if something is created to make learning more engaging then we should use it! In the begining of her post she stated how the tools that teachers used were different colored pens. I thought that was funny because I am still experiencing that in college. (I hate the color red lol!!) Teachers will mark things that they feel are incorrect in red pen and if you do. I believe that teachers should know how to use everything on the list. They are not difficult things they are really very basic. Teachers should stay up to date with technology so that the students will stay engaged in learning.

While watching the post video Exemplar of students work with video I was amazed. When reading the post about it I noticed that the instructor stated that Carlton's teacher was trying to find a way for him to be engaged in learning. I am so happy that did this and allowed him to be creative in the video. He did an amazing job and other students will be able to see what he does in the garden at his school. I enjoyed the video and I think he did a great job.

Post by Jennifer Brokofsky actually made my mind race. A lot came to mind when reading this post. In the post she mentions how we are hindering our children from learning. 25 students are assigned to one teacher, books are limited, and the time is limited. Students have to wait for the teacher to finish helping another student until the teacher can get time to get to them. A couple things came to mind while reading this. In the post she mentioned books are limited. Things change daily. No only technology but also the material that is stated in books. I am enrolled in a Physical Fitness class and three or more times this semester the instructor has said "disregard that part it is incorrect please input the correct number for study purposes". Budget cuts are being made but nothing has really changed. You can easily change the text of a book in a computer with a simple delete, but in a book the entire book has to be reprinted which is expensive and a waste of paper. For college students it is a waste of money.
As Jennifer stated in her post, with the use of technology students will be able to access the information instantly without having to wait for a teacher or wait for a book to check out. I totally agree with this post about making out children STOP learning. If teachers would continue learning and learn the new information available through technology then it will provide more opportunities for the students.



Where am I

This Post by Stephen Anderson was very interesting. I enjoyed reading his post about his vacation that he takes every year for the past three years. He does not take any means of technology that will connect him with the rest of the world. He does not bring a cell phone, laptop, kindle or anything. He called it a techno cleanse. I commented on his blog My name is Jamie Cunningham and I am a student in EDM 310 at the University of South Alabama. We have a class blog feel free to check it out here I really enjoyed reading your post. I went on vacation last week to Florida. Unfortunately I was unable to leave my phone and laptop at home. I had to do work for EDM310. You stated that the 7 days without your technology was tough. I can imagine so this would probably be difficult for anyone. Elementary children have cell phones and Facebook pages now! Everyone is getting addicted to technology. I plan on taking another vacation after this semester has finished. I am going to try this techno cleanse. I can't wait!!

This Stephen Anderson was very humorous. Please watch the video to understand the point that he is trying to make. In my opinion he made two very great points in this video. The first was that it takes a lot the be a great leader. The second was about how so much emphasis is placed on the leader, but without the followers the movement would not succeed. I enjoyed the video. In the video it explained how with just one guy dancing, everyone around him was looking at him like he was stupid. Other people wanted to join in but were afraid of looking stupid. What Anderson was trying to do was create an example for how leadership works. Without the first follower who other people would not have followed either. When the second person joined in, the leader welcomed him by doing a dance together. Things a great leader should always do is make your self easy to follow, don't be afraid to make a fool of yourself, and always welcome new people to follow you by showing them they are appreciated. In Anderson's post he wants people to evaluate there leadership skills and make sure they are being like the "Lone-Nut Leader". We can relate this to technology in the schools. Once a couple teachers start it then many others will join for the fear of not being in the "In Crowd" If one person starts the movement and a couple others follow... Soon the momentum will pick up and a movement will start!

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Final PLN

This is my final PLN. I have added a couple of tiles like Wells Fargo bank, Skype and Google Drive. I have also added Delicious. I love using the prezi so I kept it I even used it for my project 15b. It is so easy to set up and looks so much more interesting than a traditional slide. I have Google maps. That is something that I use a lot. I have lived in the Mobile area all my life and still don't know my way around!!

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Progress Report on Final Project

Creating an Ibook is a job!! Group 2 decided that we would get all of the information together first and then plug it into our ibook. We have all of our videos, blog post assignments, and pictures together and we have also came up with a theme. We still have to plug all the information in and finish our smartboard 15 project, which we plan on finishing tomorrow!!

Blog Post #12

Every assignment that we have completed this semester was about using technology inside the class room. I am concerned about physical fitness as well. So I decided to create an assignment that uses technology outdoors or for p.e majors.

1.)Watch the video Betty Ann Fish Google and the video Ipods and Ipads Motivate Students in a Fitness Circuit
Leave a comment about the video mark it edm310 and write a paragraph explaining how Technology can be used for Physical fitness classes.

2.) Visit this blog by Mr. Jarrod Robinson find a form of technology that Mr. Robinson discuss on his blog and tell how it could be useful for Physical Education Teachers.

My Response
My Change Of Heart!!
Before finding the video and the site I was under the impression that Technology has made many people lazy. I guess because every assignment that we have had for the course has shown technology being used inside of the classroom. I decided to do an assignment that shows the use of technology while being active. In the videos by Betty Ann Fish the sound quality of the children is not great ! I had to really listen to understand what the children were saying but the little girl stated that she loved using the ipod to learn how to do different exercise assignments rather than just seeing them on flash cards. The video proved that technology can also be used in Physical Education classes.The second video by her was about how Betty Fish uses iPods and Ipads with her students to show them the exercises that they will be doing. Some people would possibly argue that maybe the teacher should show them how to do it, but I must say the students seem really engaged in the iPods and learning how to exercise.

I found a lot of really interesting technology tools that could be used in physical education classes. One that I found was a health Gadget!! The post Must have Health Gadgets was really interesting. The scale with Wifi was awesome. I would love to own one of these!! The scale would also be useful in the physical fitness classroom setting because in the classes students have to know there weight and body mass index. With this scale you are able to tell all of that plus the % of body fat and lean muscle. This scale also has WiFi!! It sends your results directly to the computer or mobile phone. I think that is so easy!! Instead of having to measure each student and figure out their percentages. The scale will do it for you! Also for the children that are overweight the teachers can set goals and share this via email with the parents. This could help with obesity!!

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Blog Post #11

online tools

Little kids.. Big Potential

I really enjoyed watching the video of Ms. Cassidy's first grade class. Watching this video made me feel like I am behind. This video was uploaded in 2010 and these students were blogging. I just recently started blogging in 2012. I think it was amazing that the students were able to write a sentence that the world is able to see. It made me realize that by just writting the one sentence it is preparing them for the future using a keyboard to type. Most jobs now require typing skills and basic computer skills even job applications are mostly online. I also found it interesting that they used their Nintendo ds as an educational form of technology in the classrooms. It helped the children to learn life skills such as caring! I also loved how the children stated that when commenting on someones blog that you should always say kind things. I'm sure when the students see a new comment on their blogs that there little faces just light up. It is amazing that the first grade students were using a smart-board. The title of this video explains it all. These little kids have big potential. The skills that they are learning are helping to prepare them for the future.

In the Skype interview with Ms. Cassidy she chatted with Dr. Strange about the importance of technology. She mentioned how she uses technology with her 1st graders. She did mention that she mainly uses different tools in the classroom and hardly used them in her personal time. She just recently opened a facebook page. She also mention that some of the teachers at her school want to learn to use technology in the class but others are stuck in there ways. I think that Ms. Cassidy's class will have an advantage because using technology is preparing them for the future. I really enjoyed the Skype interview

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Blog Post #10

Pencil Cartoon

This cartoon by John T. Spencer was found on his blog. This cartoon reminded me of the mac commercial that I used to have time to watch on television!! The commercials described how the macs were better than the p.c.

So I decided to do some online research on these two pencils and I found that everyone has personal choice. I found a teachers Blog that said that both paper mate and Ticonderoga were both expensive. She stated that Ticonderoga pencils are made of high quality wood so they sharpen better. She also stated that the paper-mate pencils go on sale right before school starts. As far as "value" she rated the paper mate better. I found another blog that stated that the Paper-mate warrior pencils were .05 cent more than the Ticonderoga pencils and that the papermate pencils did not perform as well. Find that blog here. Before being assigned to read Spencers blog, I had never heard of a Ticonderoga pencil. I'm thinking to myself "its just a pencil"!!
I guess he is comparing what the children are forced to use in schools since technology is not really present in most school systems.

Why Were Your Kids Playing Games
This Post by Mr. Spencer was about how the principal of his school was upset because Mr. Spencer had his children engaged in learning by playing a game. The principal felt that because the children were having fun that they were not learning. The post was really humorous because at the beginning Mr. Spencer asked the principle if he could shut the door and the principle responded that he had an "open door policy to keep up" too funny. The principle was confused from the beginning.

I read another post on Mr. Spencer blog it was titled Will We Fall Behind? it was very interesting. The title of this blog is Adventures in Pencil Integration. I feel that Mr. Spencer is not trying to dismiss the use of pencils, but that he is trying to integrate that use with the use of technology. This post was about a man name Mr. Brown who questioned the proposal to buy new pencils for every student. While reading the post Mr. Brown stated that he did not feel that it would be in the best option of the students and that his concerns had nothing to do with his own comfort level. I feel this post was actually talking about technology. Most schools do not use technology because the teachers are not familiar with how to use it. Many of the assignments that I have completed while taking EDM310 were all new to me. I have no problem learning new things. It has been exciting to me. Teachers need to humble themselves and realize that they do not know it all. Every opportunity that presents itself for them to learn something new should be taken.

In the post by Dr. Scott McLeod, he was telling someone not to teach their kids the things that he was already teaching his kids. The post was very humorous. It's like he wanted his child to be ahead of all the other children so he pointed out all the negatives in using technology to advance. So Dr. McLeod's children will more than likely have the leg up on the children who are not using technology. While reading the comments left on the blog some of the students seemed confused as if Dr. McLeod did not like technology. In fact he did cause at the end he stated that he allows his children to use it. Also some of the students were stating that certain things should be blocked and that children should be monitored while using the internet. I agree to a certain extent. Some parents will block things like Facebook and twitter, but these two sites can also be very helpful. When my babies get older I plan to allow them to have Facebook and twitter. I just believe that we should just monitor who their friends are. It's all about trust and I feel that if we cannot trust our children inside of our homes chatting on blogs or Facebook then how can we trust them having face to face conversations at school or at the movies. Trust Trust Trust! I knew the name Scott McLeod sounded familiar and I finally figured it out. Earlier in the semester we were required to watch an edited version of "did you know", Dr McLeod was the one who did the first video with Karl. I found this information on this site feel free to check it out. Dr. McLeod was also the founding director of CASTLE which helps school administrators learn about technology.

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I recently read a post by Chad Segersten titled Classroom Leadership: Clear Directions/Expectations. The post can be very useful for teachers to help them to give clear directions to their students. I commented on his post and informed him that I am a college student and that everyone learns differently. Most teachers expect for students to just figure it out. Some students need an extra push and some are able to read the instructions and just do the work, but other students need for an instructor to describe how to do things! In the post he describes how valuable information will be wasted by students not having clear instructions. He gave tips for how to give clear instructions and two stood out to me.. They were... Do not Ramble, and do not be monotone. I find it easier to follow someone who uses excitement and is very into what they are doing! Loved the post !!

A Seven-Year-Old's Vision for School Reform

The second post that I read was A Seven-Year-Old's Vision for School Reform I found it very interesting. In this post John T. Spencer tells about how his 7 year old son wants to be able to go outside and make paper planes at school. He wants to have choices. I informed Mr. Spencer that I loved his son's idea of going outside during school. Every post that I have read while in EDM310 has been about technology in the classrooms. I love technology, but in a way it is making our children lazy. It would be great if the teachers could allow the children to use technology while outside! Maybe I will try to figure out an app for that when I get to the "create an app assignment". This post proves that regardless of age the children should still be able to voice their opinion and also that the teachers and parents should listen!

Blog post #9

Teacher Cartoon

What I've learned this year"
This blog post by Mr. Joe Mclung reflected on his first year of teaching school 2008-2009 school year at an elementary school. Mclung discussed several topics in his post. He described how most new teachers focus so much on the delivery of the information that they forget to see if the students are comprehending. He also mentions how teachers have to teach from a lesson plan and how that can be difficult. It is still possible to stick with the plan while also being flexible. He says that teachers should always listen to the students, and also to not forget to communicate. The last thing he mentioned was to Never stop Learning. He says that educators are working in a learning environment so to soak up as much as you can!! I enjoyed this post about his first year as an educator. I know that every persons experience is going to be different, but I think that this post will be helpful to new teachers. New teachers may be nervous and also inexperienced and this post could be used as helpful hints for new teachers.

"What I learned this year"

This second Post by Joe Mclung talked about his second year teaching. He talked about how everything changed because he was at a new school. This shocked me because this is something that I didn't really think about. Teachers can be moved to new schools until they get tenure. I am not sure if this is what happened to Mr Mclung. In this post he describes the school year and also gives tips to help make a teaching job easier. He mentions all the changes and the things that were new to him for the year. He says one thing that teachers have to be able to do is adapt. One year you may be teaching 5th graders and the next teaching 9th graders. You have to learn how to change your way of teaching. He also mentions to find a school mom which he describes as someone who has been at the school for a long time that will help you out! A useful tip that he gave was to not be afraid to make a fool of yourself to help your students learn. It reminded me of a time that I was in the 9th grade and my teacher came in a Victorian style dress to explain how they dressed during the Victorian period. Mclung mentioned that he "got the big head" after his first year of teaching and has now realized that he has to be humble. He has realized that he does not know everything. Great post! This is again something that will be very helpful to new and old teachers because there is always an opportunity to learn something new.

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Project #11

We are now aware that this was not a group assignment! We all did separate parts on the topic of bullying and put it together in one movie

Monday, June 25, 2012

Blog Post #8

Richard Miller Discusses Writing

I had to watch the Videos by Richard E. Miller three times to try to understand what he was talking about! The Title was "Richard E. Miller Discusses Writing with Multimedia". I thought the videos were boring! His voice was even boring. Maybe if he showed his face while talking I could get into the video a little more. While watching the video for the third time, I decided to pause to take notes. Richard discussed how he was raised in a house full of books and dreamed to work with books one day! He is now an author and sells his book on Amazon for .59 cents.

During the video he mentioned how communication is now global. Most peoples work-space consist of a computer rather than pen and paper. He told how he did a report on the Virginia College shootings and was able to do it without going to the library. He found all the information online! He stated that most people walk around carrying a laptop. I found the information that he was saying was true because most people are "going green" and use computers for everything! I find it quicker to type than to write! I think it is great that his book is online, but he mentioned that educators should share knowledge freely. His book is .59 cents, that's close to free but it's not free. He is probably still making a profit off of it.

The presentations that he did about keeping the dream of Martin Luther King looked interesting. I find it amazing that we are able to use technology to get information. It is so much easier to Google something than to look through a lot of books to try and find information. Miller mentioned that we are living in the most important time for reading and writing. I believe this is true because any information that I want to know I can find a blog, an online article, or a post on Facebook! I think that is amazing!

Carly Blog Post 12

I think Carly did an awesome job on her blog post 12. Watch it Here She gave many different sources to watch. She explained how all children are different. Her post relates to Richard Miller because she used the internet to provide information! She did not look up in a dictionary and have to create a works cited page!! She gave useful links to information, a song, and other videos! I was unable to get the playlist to work!! It kept saying the page could not be found. All the other links worked fine though. She seems to have put a lot of time and effort into the post. Carly made a good point when she stated that not everyone likes to read!! Some people are visual learners! I think she did a great job on the post!!

The Video was about a student who procrastinated doing work. Her procrastination and inability to learn independently caused her to drop out of school and try to start her own school. Her school was shut down and she decided to get a degree online. the video was funny because it made me think of young college students always changing their minds. She was dependent on her parents and seemed really immature. I try to always do my work on time. The checklist has really come in handy!! I am able to check off what I have done every day! While watching the video EDM310 for Dummies I was laughing out loud. This video made me think of myself. The semester is halfway over and I am still feeling overwhelmed with work. I don't understand how people are able to finish the work in 16 hours. I have never been late on an assignment but I spend so much time at my computer I swear I will need a new prescription for my glasses by the time this class is over!! If I were to create or participate in a video I would like it to be about how many people get into the field of education without really knowing what they are getting themselves into. Before taking this class I saw education as a teacher standing in front of a classroom. I thought this way because that is what I experienced as a child. Now I see education in a different way!! This class has changed my outlook on being an educator! Or another idea that came into my head was creating a video about the negative things about classes being completely based on technology!! I love technology but there is a side effect to every drug!! Like I mentioned earlier about wearing glasses, my doctor said that I am unable to see far off because my eyes are so used to being so close to my computer screen!!

Learn to change, change to learn

Scavenger Hunt

For one part of the scavenger hunt I decided to find a tool similar to facebook. The tool that I found was Classroom 2.0. I found another site as well but it would not allow me to join. My request to join Classroom 2.0 is still pending approval, but I was still allowed to browse the site and look at all the useful information that some of the teachers have been posting! They have everyone wait for approval because they are trying to prevent spammers! I informed them that I am a student in EDM 310 at the University of South Alabama. I noticed that the latest main topic was Symbaloo. This is something that I could relate to because I recently completed a PLN using this tool. I feel that this could be useful to use with my class because while reading some of the post a lot of the teachers were on the site for help! They were getting such great ideas on what to do in the class room. I loved the site because their was not any post about "other" stuff. This would be a great network for teachers who are serious about taking care of business without reading what someone ate for lunch!!. Great social networking site.

Part 2
Another part of the scavenger hunt that I completed was part 2. I think for the video "Teaching in the 21st century" they used Prezi. I recently used this program for a project for EDM310. I think they give a great deal for students. The price to use prezi is free for 30 days but after its 59.00 for the regular and $159.00 for the pro. They give students and teachers a big break on the price and allow them to get the pro for $59.00 that's a savings of $100.00. I guess they realized that students are on a budget. I noticed that you have to use a student email to get the price though.

My first Poll

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Project #10 PLN First Post

I created this PLN using Symbaloo. I found this site really easy to use. it was so simple, all I had to do was put in the titles of the sites that I use often and put them into the tiles. As you can see I use Facebook, twitter, and YouTube. I am new to prezi and twitter. My PLN kind of describes me in a way. I shop Google stuff a lot and I like to listen to music in my free time.

Project 9b

This is a prezi that I created to help children learn the colors of the rainbow. My dream is to teach small children Pre-K till third grade. I taught my three year old son the colors of the rainbow and also included a song!! He really enjoyed it. The sources I used are Day Care Suite 101 and Wiki

Thursday, June 21, 2012


Humility quote

"10 tips for Workshop Presenters  any Teachers"
I Recently read a post by Edna Sackson feel free to look at it Here The post was really interesting. It was 10 tips for workshop presenters any teachers… I commented on Ms Sackson's post and told her how much I enjoyed it. A couple of the tips were use your own voice, don't speak too much, and the best one.. be humble. I loved this and I told her that I felt that arrogance will hinder learning. No one knows everything and sometimes the students are able to teach the instructors a thing or two.

"Are Adult Learners Different from Young Learners"

Another great post by Edna Sackson. In this post she describes how adult learners are basically just like young learners. She states how everyone is different and learn from different methods. She stated what adult learners value and enjoy. I commented on Edna Sackson's post about how I hated sitting in classroom's as a young learner and still hate is now. I am able to see similarities between the way I learned as a child and the way I learn now. In order to learn she stated that there is a need for a challenge and that everyone has the potential to learn.

Blog Post #7

I just finished watching The Networked Student by Wendy Drexel. I enjoyed how simple this video was. During the video someone talked while laying down paper images. The video explains how a student attends a high school one day a week in person and two days online. It states that the student does not use a textbook, and the teacher almost never lectures. The teacher believes in Connectivism. According to Wiki, Connectivism is a theory of learning based on the premise that knowledge exists in the world rather than in the head of an individual. Students using this method would use technological resources such as Google, blogging, and YouTube to learn and share new information.
The 21st century student will most likely use tools such as an MP3 player. He will not only use it to listen to his music, but to also listen to podcast from different professors. Professors from Yale, Berkeley, and even Harvard record podcast for students to listen. One question that was asked was... Why does he even need a teacher? He stated that the teacher is there to help students take advantage of new learning opportunities and helps students if they need help.

I liked the concept, but I am not sure if this is a method that I would 100% use while teaching. I know many people who take online classes for the convenience of hours. I also know people who take online classes because they are able to cheat. I think that if taking classes online that the test should all be in a school setting. I know you are suppose to have trust, but you will still have students who will cheat. I know cheating will only hurt the cheater, but it can also hurt others if that cheaters becomes an educator and does not know the information. I am not 100% on this method. I think it's great but more work will have to be put into online schools to prevent people from cheating. PLN

I watched My PLE which was done by a 7th grader. She did an awesome job. She explained how she was able to do work on her own time. I think it was awesome that she was allowed freedom to do the work on her own, but she said at times she felt it was a lot of responsibility. By using this method she was not allowed to skip any work or be late on it. I think the method is great for students who still have to go to a school setting. It allows them to use less time in a class setting listening to lectures. I still think this method should be used with classroom time.

I just watched a video about Thomas Suarez. This 12 year old boy is amazing! It is awesome that a child his age is interested in creating apps and games. Instead of wasting time playing them all the time he learned how to create them!!. He seems really mature for his age. He has created an app club at his school for other interested students to learn to create apps. He stated that when it comes to technology that the students know more than the teachers. I found that funny and in some cases not true!! Teachers are starting to use technology more now than they used to. I really enjoyed the video. This video fits very well with the other videos that I watched in this post because it shows how young children are using technology and advancing!!

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Blog Post #6

Randy Pausch Inspirational quote

During Blog post 1 I talked about a video I watched online by Randy Pausch titled Time Management. I felt that the video was kind of boring. So when I found out that I had to watch another video by him, I was really dreading it. When I realized this video was over an hour long I began to dread it even more. I am so glad that I watched this video. Randy Pausch Last Lecture was an awesome video. Mr. Pausch told a lot about his life long dreams, how he achieved them, and quotes that I will always remember. During the beginning of the video I was kind of lost. My first time hearing of Mr. Pausch was during my first blog post in May of 2012 so he is farely new to me. I decided to do a little research on him and found that he was a professor at Carnegie Mellon University. While he was speaking at his last lecture he stated that he was told that he will have three months to live. When he made this statement my heart dropped. I didn't even realize that this man was dead. I then realized that is the reason he titled it his "last lecture".

While watching this lecture I realized that Pausch's parents did a great job with raising him. He mentioned his parents during the lecture and I was shocked when he showed pictures of his mother riding a rollercoaster at age 70. I was amazed when he showed his father at age 80 still going to amusement parks. During high school his parents allowed him to pain his bedroom. this is something that most parents will not allow children to do. When I was in high school I wanted to paint my bedroom purple, my mother liked white walls so that's the color they stayed. Pausch decided to paint an elevator in his bedroom. I found this really funny, but I think by his parents allowing him to do it they were allowing him to be creative.

I stated that I did a little research on Mr. Pausch I found a video on youtube Randy Pausch Inspires Graduates" .In this video Randy Pausch had lived past the timing that the doctors had given him. In this video he stated that "We don't beat the reaper by living longer. We beat the reaper by living well". Randy Pausch seems to have live a great life. During his last lecture he said some things that really stuck with me. He allowed me to see that some of the obstacles that I face in life are just there to show how dedicated and hard working I am. the obstacle is there to see just how badly I want to achieve my goal. By watching his last lecture it made me stop complaining and just work harder.

While Mr. Pausch was showing pictures of how he taught his students I was really impressed. I noticed that he was very "hands on". He was not the type that taught by books. He even stated in his lecture that he felt that by the time the students got to his classes that they should have read enough books. On most of the pictures that he showed of his students projects he was in them. He was always interacting and having fun with his students and I believe this is what made him so well known. This is probably the reason that his YouTube video has over 14 million views. Randy Pausch seemed to have a great relationship with his family. He stated that the lecture was made for his children. He also showed a great deal of love to his wife. In the first assignment for the semester My instructor asked if I knew anything about Randy Pausch and now I really do. By watching this video it has sparked my interest in him. I plan to read more about him and watch more videos about his lectures.

Project #8

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Blog Post #5

The iSchool Initiative
iSchool Initiative

The iSchool Initiative by Travis Allen was an O.K video. During the video Travis was trying to argue the fact that students learning from an iSchool would be cheaper than books, paper, and pencils for learning. Travis made some great points in the video such as the fact that parents have to buy expensive calculators for school. He also brought attention to the many apps on the iTouch such as the calendar, globe, and email. The video Travis Allen's ZeitgeistYoungMinds entry compared Travis Allen to Mark Zuckerberg (ceo of Facebook). Travis Allen made some good points about the iSchool, but that is something that will be difficult to sell to parents, and to the school systems. Most parents are going to see this as being too expensive. $150 does not seem like a lot of money initially, but you have to consider children loosing them, them being stolen, and also breaking. Also there will still be extra expenses such as apps, cases, and whenever a newer version comes out. I am not saying that Travis Allen's iSchool is not possible or even beneficial, but I think a lot of other factors should be included.I noticed that the first video was published in 2009 so I looked up more information on Travis Allen see if there was any update to his iSchool. I found that he will be visiting 17 states to spread the word about the iSchool initiative. I found that Allen developed the iSchool initiative because he was not allowed to use his iPhone as a way to learn while in high
school. I did find it amazing that someone his age would do something like this, he must have really loved his iPhone.

Eric Whitacre's Virtual Choir
virtual choir

Maybe some of you found Eric Whitacre's Virtual Choir amazing, I did not find it really interesting. I loved the fact that people from around the world are able to sing in harmony using the computer, but I would rather see it live. Listening to people sing is something that most people like to get dressed and go outside of the house to watch. We can't use the internet for everything, and if we do then everyone will turn into fat, lazy bombs. Everyone will sit in their homes at a computer screen all day. This is not healthy not only will you gain weight, but you will also get poor eyesight from staring at a computer screen all day. Don't get me wrong I am not saying the performance wasn't good, in fact I think the singing was great. This was a great way to get people from 12 different countries to sing together, but I don't think I would enjoy watching it on a computer screen often.

Teaching in the 21st Century

In the Video by Kevin Roberts he explain how teachers are no longer the only source for knowledge. He explained how simple it is for people to go to the internet to learn. Mr. Roberts believes that teaching has changed and teachers are not teaching new information, but teaching how to find new information. In the video Roberts mentioned how Facebook, twitter, Google and many other internet tools have become very useful in teaching new information. He believes that teachers should teach the students how to correctly use these tools to increase knowledge. I agree with Roberts, I use Google daily to find answers to questions I may have. One interesting concept that Roberts pointed out was that learning should be engaging and not just interesting. I believe this will affect educators because with the use of the internet, teachers will be learning and educating students at the same time. There is always something new online and the students will possibly be able to teach their teachers something new.

Why I flipped My classroom
The Videos Why I flipped My Classroom by Kate Gimbar, Dr. Lodge McCammon's Fizz-Flipping the classroom by Dr. Lodge McCammon, and Flipping the classroom-4th Grade STEM by Ms. Munafo were all about how to "flip" a classroom. These three videos talked about how to change classes from a teacher standing in front of the class to a teacher being on a video. Ms. Munafo stated that she was preparing the students for jobs that were not created yet. I honestly don't see how this is possible. I think that I could use the "flipping" method as a teacher, but it would still require time and effort. The instructors in the video made this method seem so easy. I think it would be beneficial for students that are having trouble learning. These students would be able to play back a video over and over until they understood the lesson. I still think this would be great for college students who are expected to be able to work on there own. I don't think it would be as effective for elementary or middle school students because some of them still need one on one assistance in order to achieve goals.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Blog Post #4


Children Podcasting

I learned about pod-casting today, and I was really excited because this is something I have never even heard of before. The Video by Joe Dale was very interesting. I learned that I am considered at Millenial which is anyone born after 1980. This group grew up with, and depends on technology. Millenials watch a lot of t.v, send thousands of instant messages, talk a lot on the phone, and play lots of video games. I do not have the time to play video games or watch a lot of t.v, but I still use my cell phone a lot to text, email, or chat with family and friends. Podcasting is very useful in the classroom setting. Children will get sick sometime and may have to miss time from school, but with podcasting they will still be able to listen to the lecture. I think this is awesome because it allows the ability to stay on track even if you miss a day. I also read a couple post from Ms Silvia Rosenthal Tolisano. Feel free to check out her blog its title Langwitches. I even listened to the audio at the bottom of the page. The students in her class did their own podcast. While listening I could tell excitement from the high pitched voices. The Flat Stanley Podcast was very entertaining. My three year old son was sitting on the sofa while I was listening to it and he came over to listen with me. The sounds of the children's voices caught his attention. These 1st graders did an awesome job with their podcast. This method could be used to grab the attention of children and adults.

My Sentence Video

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Blog Post #3

Students Helping each other

Peer Editing

I learned a lot from watching the videos Peer Editing uploaded by nrpatric and Writing Peer Review TOP 10 Mistakes by tbed63. The slideshow Tutorial Peer Editing was also very useful.The videos defined peer editing as working with someone your own age to improve their writing. They gave three steps of editing compliment, suggest, and correct. The slide show was extrememly funny, and I think the students did a great job. I learned that when editing to not be picky. I also learned that when someone is giving suggestion to not be defensive, or ignore the persons ideas. Editing is a way to help improve the writing skills so it is a way of someone trying to be helpful.

Technology in Special Education

The video Technology in Special Education was very inspiring. In this video it shows how technology has helped students in special education to learn assignments in a easier way. The instructor Ms Cook told about how her students are learning faster and how they are more excited to learn. While watching the video I noticed how some of the students could not talk, but they were able to type what they wanted to say onto the computer. One student had trouble seeing, but an app that he had on his computer allowed the words to be magnified. I found this very interesting how these students were able to learn different things. I also found it interesting that one student was able to listen to a book from his Ipod. Technology made it possible for him to be in the classroom with all the other students instead of being read to in the hallway. I think this is amazing. I look forward to becoming a teacher. These tools would be useful for all students not just for those in special education. Some students learn better by hearing books rather than reading themselves. I remember when I was in school and the special education students really didn't learn anything, I think it's amazing that programs are being created to help them to learn. Technology has played a huge role in education. I believe that with the use of computers the students become more interested in the topic. Some students will still not participate and go to other websites, but I feel that most will stay focused. I found Ms Cook's relationship with her students very interesting. She was able to tell when the student was saying yes or no by the way his eyes moved. One student used a mouse to put words together on a screen, I found that very amazing. This video was very interesting. I am pretty sure that when the time comes for me to teach more advances to technology will be made. I look forward to that.

How the iPad works with Academics for Autism

This video reminded me of an app that I downloaded on my 3 year old son's leap pad. I think that by using technology with children that It keeps their attention. The child in the video was autistic, but the ipad kept his attention the entire time. The child in the video seemed to be very interested in learning. I think the use of technology like iPad, leap pad, and other educational systems are more fun than the old fashion flash cards. Also their was a part of the video in which the child had to write words, and he was able to do it. I did notice that towards the end of the video as soon as the parent took away the iPad the child immediately lost focus. My child is not autistic, but he is 3. I have learned that 3 year old children have small attention span. When I sit my child down to play on his leap pad, he will sit there for an hour playing an educational game. I went online to the apple apps to find an app that would be useful if I was teaching a student who was unable to see clearly. I found an app called iseeclearly. This app could be downloaded to a phone, iPad, or iPod, and seemed useful in making small print bigger. It seemed easy to use all you had to do was take a picture of the text and enlarge. It reminded me of a student from a previous video who had trouble seeing I think this app would be useful to him.

Harness Your Students' Digital Smarts

Learning using digital

This video taught me the concept that "Teachers don't know everything. While watching the video the instructor stated how she knew nothing about a topic until her students taught her. I did notice that during the video the teacher allowed the students to get in front of the class room and teach.The students were learning while using tools that are popular in movies such as avatars. It looked as if they were playing games while they were learning. This seemed very fun and I can tell it really grabbed the students attention.

Jamie Cunningham's First 25

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C4T # 1

hands growing like flowers

"Researchers Workshop"

I recently read a post by Denise Krebs titled Researchers Workshop. I really recommend checking out her Blog . I found the experiment that she conducted with her students extremely interesting. She allowed her students to choose a topic, research for three hours on the topic of choice, and do an assignement on the topic. Her students were allowed to really show their creativity. They produced movies, posters, an imovie, and even a facebook page. She required that they use the entire three hours researching their topics. The students seemed to really get interested in doing the research. I left denise a comment stating how interesting the assignment seemed. I informed her that I loved the way she allowed them to choose their own topics. When children are able to choose a topic of interest I feel they will do a better job. Ms Krebs seemed to be really impressed with the outcome.

quote about mistakes

Do We Learn Most of All By our Mistakes"

I read "Do we learn most of all by our mistakes" by Denise Krebs, and I must say I was laughing out loud. In this post Denise tells how she was allowed to learn from her mistakes. She told about a time in Junior High when she had to bake a banana bread. She disobeyed the instructor and set the temp higher than instructed. The end result was her cake was pretty on the outside with a raw filling. The teacher could have made her eat the cake, but instead just informed her to follow instruction next time. She also told about a time when she attempted a family recipe, and didn't know to cook hamburger meat before adding it to the dish. She was able to fix it and now she feels that being allowed to make the mistakes and learn to do the task correctly it made her the great cook she is today.
I believe Denise made a great point about mistakes. By making mistakes it helps us to remember what "not to do". Mistakes are made daily, and by acknowledging wrong doing helps you grow to be a better person.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Blog Post #2

"Did You Know"

Did you Know that

The you tube Video "Did You Know" by Dr. Strange is an edited version on an original which was created by Karl Firsck and Scott Mcleod. It provided predictions, statistics, and other valuable information about how technology is being used around the world. Before watching this video I had no idea that every single minute a total of 48 hours of footage are uploaded to YouTube. I also didn't know that "1,393,519 searches are made on Google EVERY MINUTE". The information in this video was very intriguing. The data also made me think that Americans are not as advance as others such as Chinese and people from India.

This video showed how so many people around the world use technology constantly. I can say that from experience, Google and YouTube are both very valuable resources. In 2012 you are able to Google any person, place, or thing. There are even many "how to" videos that are useful on YouTube. This video explained how technology is changing, and jobs will also change. After reading I thought about how many employers like stability and don't really like to hire people who have jumped around from job to job. I can't help but wonder what the future holds. With technology changing daily people will have to constantly learn new skills. I can only wonder how this will affect the people who are set in there ways and resistant to change.

"Mr. Winkle Awakes"

Humorous Education Pic
I recently watched a video on you tube by Mathew Neddleman titled Mr. Winkle Awakes. I found this video very interesting. Feel free to watch it Here This video explains how technology has advanced, but the education that schools are teaching has remained the same. In this video a man named Mr. Winkle woke up after a one hundred year slumber to realize that everything has changed except for the schools. I found this video rather humorous. I felt as if Mathew Needleman was trying to get a serious point across in a humorous way. He showed one computer in a class room that was not even being used, just sitting there dusty. The resources were available but were not being taken advantage of in the classroom setting. It was interesting that after a one hundred year slumber, Mr. Winkle visited a business, hospital and a school. The only place that was still using methods that Mr. Winkle was accustomed to was the place that was suppose to prepare you to become successful in life. Schools are suppose to prepare you for the future and after watching this video I realized that they are not.

I also noticed that some of the equipment that was shown was outdated, the main reason was because the video was published in 2008. With that being said take into thought that Mr. Winkle slept for 100 years, and this video was only pusblished four years ago. In the short period of time so much has changed. The fax machine is really becoming a thing of the past. Most people have decided to "go green" and have changed to email. By using email instead of the fax machine less paper is being wasted. This video was enlightening in several aspects. First, how can we prepare our children for a world that is primarily based on technology when we are still using education methods from 100's of years ago, and secondly technology is advancing daily.

"The Importance of Creativity"

Pic of Hands on

Importance of Creativity by Ken Robinson was a very knowledgeable yet funny video. This video was very lengthy so while watching I had to take notes. Mr. Robinson made a very interesting statement about how unpredictable the future is, therefor, students are not truly prepared. Mr. Robinson stated that the Education System basically despises mistakes, and by doing so they are not allowing creativity. He states his views on degrees and how he feels they are worthless. Mr. Robinson used to be a professor and believes that people should rethink views on intelligence.

While watching this video and taking notes I thought about a close family member who went to school for cosmetology She was great with hands on, but could not pass the written exam. This video made me think even more about how education has come more about "Academic Ability' rather than creativity. I agree with Mr. Robinson when he states that degrees are worthless. In the job market employers are more so looking for job experience. I have many friends with degrees but they do not have jobs. When I was little my dad taught me to ride a bike, and in high school I was asked to memorize the first 50 presidents. I must say I still remember how to ride a bike, but I don't remember the presidents. With that being said I feel that many people learn through experience and not by memorization. A serious change needs to be made in the Education System.

"Classroom Disruption"

Choose me T shirt

While watching Classroom Disruption uploaded by GetPureEnergy, I felt that it was very biased. This video showed two different schools that used two different methods of education. There was a private school which used computers to learn, and there was a public school which had a monotone teacher. In the private school all the students were working hands on and seemed very interested in the assignment. Totally different with the public schools. The students in this class were sleeping, doodling, and not one of them were paying attention. If I had to choose which school to go to I would of course choose the public one just because it looks more interesting.

I would have to say that in the past the public school most likely represents the types of classes that I have taken in the past, but I must say I have never had one that was that bad.In the video the instructor of the private school had his students to read an article online, but the instructor of the public school printed out a 35 page article for the students and informed them they will have a test on it the next day. I would prefer to teach using the computers, but the truth is you cannot make students interested. Having computers in a classroom does not mean that all my students will raise their hands and interact with the discussions. I must say this video was ridiculous, it seemed more like a commercial, and as we know commercials are usually biased toward one idea.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Blog Post #1

family pic
A bit about me
My name is Jamie Cunningham. I am 25 years old and happily married. I have been married for 3 years to Brian Cunningham. I have two beautiful children that mean the world to me. My son Bryce is three and my daughter Brooke is 1. I honestly don't plan on having any more children because my two are a hand full. After giving birth to my first it was so hard for me to leave. I got attached and decided to become a stay at home mom. I loved being home with my babies and I taught them so much. I taught my son his colors, alphabets, shapes, and numbers. Education is important to me and I want my children to excel in all they do. Although I was educating them I felt they needed to be around other kids, and I needed to get back into school to finish my education. So, January 2012 I decided it was time to make a change and enrolled at the University of South Alabama.

I am currently a Junior at South and I am majoring in Elementary Education. I graduated from Bishop State Community College in 2008 with an Associates degree in General Education. If I stick to my plan I will graduated from South in May of 2015. It seems like a long time, but I am sure it will be over before I know it. After I graduate from South I hope I am able to find a job in a local school or daycare. I loved teaching my children various things so I know I will love teaching others and receiving a paycheck will be considered a bonus.

Time Management

While watching the you tube video by Randy Pausch on time management I was thinking that it was possibly a waste of my time.I noticed that the video was cut short and I am happy that it was.But thinking about the whole aspect of time management Randy Pausch did make some good points. He mentioned that in managing time it's a good idea to form a to do list. I write out a to do list daily to make sure that I don't forget anything. The second good point that I noticed was when he said that when you prepare your list make sure you do the "ugliest" thing first. I found this interesting because that is something so hard to do for me. I prefer to do the easier things first and the hardest last. Maybe I need to try this new way on managing my time.


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