Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Blog Post #12

Every assignment that we have completed this semester was about using technology inside the class room. I am concerned about physical fitness as well. So I decided to create an assignment that uses technology outdoors or for p.e majors.

1.)Watch the video Betty Ann Fish Google and the video Ipods and Ipads Motivate Students in a Fitness Circuit
Leave a comment about the video mark it edm310 and write a paragraph explaining how Technology can be used for Physical fitness classes.

2.) Visit this blog by Mr. Jarrod Robinson find a form of technology that Mr. Robinson discuss on his blog and tell how it could be useful for Physical Education Teachers.

My Response
My Change Of Heart!!
Before finding the video and the site I was under the impression that Technology has made many people lazy. I guess because every assignment that we have had for the course has shown technology being used inside of the classroom. I decided to do an assignment that shows the use of technology while being active. In the videos by Betty Ann Fish the sound quality of the children is not great ! I had to really listen to understand what the children were saying but the little girl stated that she loved using the ipod to learn how to do different exercise assignments rather than just seeing them on flash cards. The video proved that technology can also be used in Physical Education classes.The second video by her was about how Betty Fish uses iPods and Ipads with her students to show them the exercises that they will be doing. Some people would possibly argue that maybe the teacher should show them how to do it, but I must say the students seem really engaged in the iPods and learning how to exercise.

I found a lot of really interesting technology tools that could be used in physical education classes. One that I found was a health Gadget!! The post Must have Health Gadgets was really interesting. The scale with Wifi was awesome. I would love to own one of these!! The scale would also be useful in the physical fitness classroom setting because in the classes students have to know there weight and body mass index. With this scale you are able to tell all of that plus the % of body fat and lean muscle. This scale also has WiFi!! It sends your results directly to the computer or mobile phone. I think that is so easy!! Instead of having to measure each student and figure out their percentages. The scale will do it for you! Also for the children that are overweight the teachers can set goals and share this via email with the parents. This could help with obesity!!


  1. Very good find! Despite the assumptions most people hold, technology works for people who are active too! The point of technology is to make life easier, and it can also make being healthy and fit easier too! I love the idea of showing students how to use technology for this, setting an example of how technology can get us off the couch instead of keeping us there. This will have to be added to our stockpile of resources for EDM310! It is always helpful to have a collection of helpful links, videos, blogs etc. whenever people ask questions or express concerns!
    Keep up the good work,

  2. Dr. Strange kinda gave me the idea from a previous blog post assignment! Thanks to him for introducing me to that website!! It has a lot of cool technological tools that can be used for physical fitness!!

  3. Jamie I am assigned to you for C4C #12. I love the fact that you made an assignment based on physical activity! I applaud you on your creativity and am impressed! I too worry about how the new stress of moving forward with technology will affect the health of future generations. Our current generation is already suffering, I can't imagine how bad things could get if we don't have a balance.