Sunday, July 1, 2012



I recently read a post by Chad Segersten titled Classroom Leadership: Clear Directions/Expectations. The post can be very useful for teachers to help them to give clear directions to their students. I commented on his post and informed him that I am a college student and that everyone learns differently. Most teachers expect for students to just figure it out. Some students need an extra push and some are able to read the instructions and just do the work, but other students need for an instructor to describe how to do things! In the post he describes how valuable information will be wasted by students not having clear instructions. He gave tips for how to give clear instructions and two stood out to me.. They were... Do not Ramble, and do not be monotone. I find it easier to follow someone who uses excitement and is very into what they are doing! Loved the post !!

A Seven-Year-Old's Vision for School Reform

The second post that I read was A Seven-Year-Old's Vision for School Reform I found it very interesting. In this post John T. Spencer tells about how his 7 year old son wants to be able to go outside and make paper planes at school. He wants to have choices. I informed Mr. Spencer that I loved his son's idea of going outside during school. Every post that I have read while in EDM310 has been about technology in the classrooms. I love technology, but in a way it is making our children lazy. It would be great if the teachers could allow the children to use technology while outside! Maybe I will try to figure out an app for that when I get to the "create an app assignment". This post proves that regardless of age the children should still be able to voice their opinion and also that the teachers and parents should listen!


  1. "...but in a way it is making our children lazy." specifically, how is that happening? What difference would using technology inside or outside make in the lazy outcome resulting from the use of technology?

    There is no create app assignment in this course.

    Your assignment was to comment on two posts of Stephen Anderson. Why did you select two other people?

  2. Dr. Strange I am assigned Stephen Anderson for the draft post due on Sunday 7-4 The blog post above is last week. It was titled Education Rethink. This blog had two different people posting on this blog Chad Segersten and John T. Spencer. As far as the create an app assignment I thought I remembered you saying something about that during our first meeting in class but Maybe I was thinking about the iBook. I remembered we were suppose to create something!

    And I believe it is making our children lazy because I have two children and I bought them both Leap pads. My children will sit in the house all day and play on the leap pads. Yes I know my children are learning. My son is three and he knows all of his colors, alphabets, can count to 20, knows his shapes, even Octagon and hexagon. Those are somethings that children will not learn until they are in elementary school and my child has known it for over a year now. But on the downside my children would rather play inside using technology than get up and play outside or help pick up their toys in their room. It is laziness. Technology is making things easier for children. Although they have to learn to use it, all of the uses for technology that I have learned about while taking this class are things that you do while sitting down except for the green screen. Instead of walking down the street to tell someone something most people call, email or post on fb. Instead of cooking food on the stove a lot of people (college students mostly) use the microwave and eat quick foods. Most people are looking for an easy way out and technology provides it. That's why in most of my post I refer to technology as a drug and say that every drug has side effects.

  3. I stand corrected. Thanks.

    How do we get kids outside and playing. We better figure that out soon because banning technology will not work. Maybe scavenger hunts using GPS? What other possibilities can you think of?

  4. Jamie responded by email.
    Well, I thought about maybe for a science class the students could use the iPad outside to identify different flowers or bugs. Or at home on free time identify the stars! I know this app would not be useful for the school setting but my hubby and I take my son fishing and I did a Google search for apps for the iPad for identifying fish and there are a couple. Also My husband has a rangefinder that he uses during deer season. He takes it outdoor and attaches it to a tree and the next day he brings it in and hooks it up to the computer and it has all kinds of pictures of deer on it. My kids love it! Or another thing is I recently took a landscaping processes course and we learned about different types of rocks. Instead of just looking at pictures on line teachers can make it more engaging and have the students identify the types of rocks they find. even if they only find one type!! The students could use a form of technology a ipad or a camera and take pictures of the different types of rocks that they find outside. Another thing I thought about was also related to the landscaping processes course. During the course I learned about erosion. I found myself taking pictures of erosion when I went fishing. It was interesting to see it for myself rather than seeing it in a book. So I was using technology outdoors to learn!

    And my response: Good ideas. Mr. Robo (Jarrod Robinson) has a number of others!