Thursday, July 19, 2012

Project #13


For this blog post assignment we were required to tell about the numerous ways that we communicated to complete a smart board assignment. We used text messaging which was the easiest way to communicate! We just text or called each other to know what part we wanted to do! Skype was a little difficult for me to use! Too much to download to initially use it! I preferred using Tango on my phone! It was so much easier to use and! Almost everyone has smart phones now and using Tango is extremely easy! I also text my group members using a tool called voxer! It's free and we were able to chat send pics and voice messages! I was a little scared when I found out that this class was mainly online and we had to do work collectively! I am a stay at home mother so I have free time, but most people work and have extremely busy schedules and are unable to meet in person! Tango and voxer made that a whole lot easier! Also being able to send our blog post and videos through Google docs made the project so much easier! We found it easier to just set up an email account and everyone sent their information to it! We were able to easily transfer the information in-case someone was not able to come to the lab!

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