Sunday, July 8, 2012

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Little kids.. Big Potential

I really enjoyed watching the video of Ms. Cassidy's first grade class. Watching this video made me feel like I am behind. This video was uploaded in 2010 and these students were blogging. I just recently started blogging in 2012. I think it was amazing that the students were able to write a sentence that the world is able to see. It made me realize that by just writting the one sentence it is preparing them for the future using a keyboard to type. Most jobs now require typing skills and basic computer skills even job applications are mostly online. I also found it interesting that they used their Nintendo ds as an educational form of technology in the classrooms. It helped the children to learn life skills such as caring! I also loved how the children stated that when commenting on someones blog that you should always say kind things. I'm sure when the students see a new comment on their blogs that there little faces just light up. It is amazing that the first grade students were using a smart-board. The title of this video explains it all. These little kids have big potential. The skills that they are learning are helping to prepare them for the future.

In the Skype interview with Ms. Cassidy she chatted with Dr. Strange about the importance of technology. She mentioned how she uses technology with her 1st graders. She did mention that she mainly uses different tools in the classroom and hardly used them in her personal time. She just recently opened a facebook page. She also mention that some of the teachers at her school want to learn to use technology in the class but others are stuck in there ways. I think that Ms. Cassidy's class will have an advantage because using technology is preparing them for the future. I really enjoyed the Skype interview

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  1. Hey Jamie!

    I also enjoyed watching Ms. Cassidy's first graders. They are so amazing! Sometimes I feel like I am behind too, considering I just started my blogging journey and these kids are so young and know exactly what they're doing. It was so cool that they were able to use their Niintendos in school, I'm sure they loved using their games to help them learn. It's clear that you really enjoyed this video! It was full of inspiration for me. These children definitely have a lot of potential!

    It is great that Ms. Cassidy is influencing other teachers to use technology with their lessons. It is contagious! Her classes will definitely have the upper hand over those who don't utilize technology in the classroom. Good Luck with these last 2 weeks!

    Ashley Earnest