Sunday, July 15, 2012



Where am I

This Post by Stephen Anderson was very interesting. I enjoyed reading his post about his vacation that he takes every year for the past three years. He does not take any means of technology that will connect him with the rest of the world. He does not bring a cell phone, laptop, kindle or anything. He called it a techno cleanse. I commented on his blog My name is Jamie Cunningham and I am a student in EDM 310 at the University of South Alabama. We have a class blog feel free to check it out here I really enjoyed reading your post. I went on vacation last week to Florida. Unfortunately I was unable to leave my phone and laptop at home. I had to do work for EDM310. You stated that the 7 days without your technology was tough. I can imagine so this would probably be difficult for anyone. Elementary children have cell phones and Facebook pages now! Everyone is getting addicted to technology. I plan on taking another vacation after this semester has finished. I am going to try this techno cleanse. I can't wait!!

This Stephen Anderson was very humorous. Please watch the video to understand the point that he is trying to make. In my opinion he made two very great points in this video. The first was that it takes a lot the be a great leader. The second was about how so much emphasis is placed on the leader, but without the followers the movement would not succeed. I enjoyed the video. In the video it explained how with just one guy dancing, everyone around him was looking at him like he was stupid. Other people wanted to join in but were afraid of looking stupid. What Anderson was trying to do was create an example for how leadership works. Without the first follower who other people would not have followed either. When the second person joined in, the leader welcomed him by doing a dance together. Things a great leader should always do is make your self easy to follow, don't be afraid to make a fool of yourself, and always welcome new people to follow you by showing them they are appreciated. In Anderson's post he wants people to evaluate there leadership skills and make sure they are being like the "Lone-Nut Leader". We can relate this to technology in the schools. Once a couple teachers start it then many others will join for the fear of not being in the "In Crowd" If one person starts the movement and a couple others follow... Soon the momentum will pick up and a movement will start!

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