Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Blog Post #4


Children Podcasting

I learned about pod-casting today, and I was really excited because this is something I have never even heard of before. The Video by Joe Dale was very interesting. I learned that I am considered at Millenial which is anyone born after 1980. This group grew up with, and depends on technology. Millenials watch a lot of t.v, send thousands of instant messages, talk a lot on the phone, and play lots of video games. I do not have the time to play video games or watch a lot of t.v, but I still use my cell phone a lot to text, email, or chat with family and friends. Podcasting is very useful in the classroom setting. Children will get sick sometime and may have to miss time from school, but with podcasting they will still be able to listen to the lecture. I think this is awesome because it allows the ability to stay on track even if you miss a day. I also read a couple post from Ms Silvia Rosenthal Tolisano. Feel free to check out her blog its title Langwitches. I even listened to the audio at the bottom of the page. The students in her class did their own podcast. While listening I could tell excitement from the high pitched voices. The Flat Stanley Podcast was very entertaining. My three year old son was sitting on the sofa while I was listening to it and he came over to listen with me. The sounds of the children's voices caught his attention. These 1st graders did an awesome job with their podcast. This method could be used to grab the attention of children and adults.


  1. Jamie, Podcasting was also new to me! "Millenials" haha that part really stuck out to me as well. Now we have the baby boomers and the millenials and there couldn't be a better fit name for this generation. Although we have learned about other benefits, the part that stuck out to me was also having podcasting for absent students.You sound very excited about grabbing your students' attention. Good post! Good Luck!

  2. There is a lot of potential for podcasting in the classroom!