Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Blog Post #2

"Did You Know"

Did you Know that

The you tube Video "Did You Know" by Dr. Strange is an edited version on an original which was created by Karl Firsck and Scott Mcleod. It provided predictions, statistics, and other valuable information about how technology is being used around the world. Before watching this video I had no idea that every single minute a total of 48 hours of footage are uploaded to YouTube. I also didn't know that "1,393,519 searches are made on Google EVERY MINUTE". The information in this video was very intriguing. The data also made me think that Americans are not as advance as others such as Chinese and people from India.

This video showed how so many people around the world use technology constantly. I can say that from experience, Google and YouTube are both very valuable resources. In 2012 you are able to Google any person, place, or thing. There are even many "how to" videos that are useful on YouTube. This video explained how technology is changing, and jobs will also change. After reading I thought about how many employers like stability and don't really like to hire people who have jumped around from job to job. I can't help but wonder what the future holds. With technology changing daily people will have to constantly learn new skills. I can only wonder how this will affect the people who are set in there ways and resistant to change.

"Mr. Winkle Awakes"

Humorous Education Pic
I recently watched a video on you tube by Mathew Neddleman titled Mr. Winkle Awakes. I found this video very interesting. Feel free to watch it Here This video explains how technology has advanced, but the education that schools are teaching has remained the same. In this video a man named Mr. Winkle woke up after a one hundred year slumber to realize that everything has changed except for the schools. I found this video rather humorous. I felt as if Mathew Needleman was trying to get a serious point across in a humorous way. He showed one computer in a class room that was not even being used, just sitting there dusty. The resources were available but were not being taken advantage of in the classroom setting. It was interesting that after a one hundred year slumber, Mr. Winkle visited a business, hospital and a school. The only place that was still using methods that Mr. Winkle was accustomed to was the place that was suppose to prepare you to become successful in life. Schools are suppose to prepare you for the future and after watching this video I realized that they are not.

I also noticed that some of the equipment that was shown was outdated, the main reason was because the video was published in 2008. With that being said take into thought that Mr. Winkle slept for 100 years, and this video was only pusblished four years ago. In the short period of time so much has changed. The fax machine is really becoming a thing of the past. Most people have decided to "go green" and have changed to email. By using email instead of the fax machine less paper is being wasted. This video was enlightening in several aspects. First, how can we prepare our children for a world that is primarily based on technology when we are still using education methods from 100's of years ago, and secondly technology is advancing daily.

"The Importance of Creativity"

Pic of Hands on

Importance of Creativity by Ken Robinson was a very knowledgeable yet funny video. This video was very lengthy so while watching I had to take notes. Mr. Robinson made a very interesting statement about how unpredictable the future is, therefor, students are not truly prepared. Mr. Robinson stated that the Education System basically despises mistakes, and by doing so they are not allowing creativity. He states his views on degrees and how he feels they are worthless. Mr. Robinson used to be a professor and believes that people should rethink views on intelligence.

While watching this video and taking notes I thought about a close family member who went to school for cosmetology She was great with hands on, but could not pass the written exam. This video made me think even more about how education has come more about "Academic Ability' rather than creativity. I agree with Mr. Robinson when he states that degrees are worthless. In the job market employers are more so looking for job experience. I have many friends with degrees but they do not have jobs. When I was little my dad taught me to ride a bike, and in high school I was asked to memorize the first 50 presidents. I must say I still remember how to ride a bike, but I don't remember the presidents. With that being said I feel that many people learn through experience and not by memorization. A serious change needs to be made in the Education System.

"Classroom Disruption"

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While watching Classroom Disruption uploaded by GetPureEnergy, I felt that it was very biased. This video showed two different schools that used two different methods of education. There was a private school which used computers to learn, and there was a public school which had a monotone teacher. In the private school all the students were working hands on and seemed very interested in the assignment. Totally different with the public schools. The students in this class were sleeping, doodling, and not one of them were paying attention. If I had to choose which school to go to I would of course choose the public one just because it looks more interesting.

I would have to say that in the past the public school most likely represents the types of classes that I have taken in the past, but I must say I have never had one that was that bad.In the video the instructor of the private school had his students to read an article online, but the instructor of the public school printed out a 35 page article for the students and informed them they will have a test on it the next day. I would prefer to teach using the computers, but the truth is you cannot make students interested. Having computers in a classroom does not mean that all my students will raise their hands and interact with the discussions. I must say this video was ridiculous, it seemed more like a commercial, and as we know commercials are usually biased toward one idea.


  1. Hey Jamie! I wonder what the future holds too, especially with so many technology updates so often. I am lost now, I can't imagine in 5-10 years how lost I will be. I loved the video about Mr. Winkle too. It was humorous but yet serious and something to think about. We think all classrooms are updated with the latest technology and assume all kids are learning about them but reality is, they are not. I believe we should find ways to get the funds that we need to get these classrooms more and more technology. The future is near and time flies so we need to move fast and keep those resources available when needed. Your post about the creativity video reminded me about how people can do well with hands on but not so well on written tests. Robinson talked about very valuable points in education and all teachers and principals should watch that video, even parents. In the Classroom Disruption video, I didn't catch that they were public and private schools. I can see where you think it was ridiculous because computers don't interest all students and just because they are there doesn't mean they can't daydream and be bored and fall asleep! I've fallen asleep at the computer before. So it just depends on the student and teachers need to teach them in the best way for each student. If it's groups with one computer or individual students and each computer. Explore ways to teach instead of sticking to whole group. Great posts!

  2. Hey Jamie! After reading your posts again, I love how you are thinking about the future! You sound like you are ready to help make education more fun and give children lots of great experiences with learning.Your thoughts are well organized and I only see a few punctuation and grammar corrections that need to be made. But other than that, I love reading your posts because you are a well-spoken person and you really think about what you write. I chose to offer suggestions in a publicly way because there were only a few and I feel I have approaced you in a kind, gentle way.

  3. Jamie,

    This is an excellent post. You make very good points about each video you watched. I loved this part:

    I also noticed that some of the equipment that was shown was outdated, the main reason was because the video was published in 2008. With that being said take into thought that Mr. Winkle slept for 100 years, and this video was only pusblished four years ago. In the short period of time so much has changed.

    I never really thought of that when I saw the video but it is so true! Great job with the clickable links and pictures with alt and title modifiers. It is wonderful that you put a picture with each section because it adds to your blog post, but you technically only have to have one picture for each blog post. Keep up the great work!