Sunday, June 10, 2012

Blog Post #3

Students Helping each other

Peer Editing

I learned a lot from watching the videos Peer Editing uploaded by nrpatric and Writing Peer Review TOP 10 Mistakes by tbed63. The slideshow Tutorial Peer Editing was also very useful.The videos defined peer editing as working with someone your own age to improve their writing. They gave three steps of editing compliment, suggest, and correct. The slide show was extrememly funny, and I think the students did a great job. I learned that when editing to not be picky. I also learned that when someone is giving suggestion to not be defensive, or ignore the persons ideas. Editing is a way to help improve the writing skills so it is a way of someone trying to be helpful.

Technology in Special Education

The video Technology in Special Education was very inspiring. In this video it shows how technology has helped students in special education to learn assignments in a easier way. The instructor Ms Cook told about how her students are learning faster and how they are more excited to learn. While watching the video I noticed how some of the students could not talk, but they were able to type what they wanted to say onto the computer. One student had trouble seeing, but an app that he had on his computer allowed the words to be magnified. I found this very interesting how these students were able to learn different things. I also found it interesting that one student was able to listen to a book from his Ipod. Technology made it possible for him to be in the classroom with all the other students instead of being read to in the hallway. I think this is amazing. I look forward to becoming a teacher. These tools would be useful for all students not just for those in special education. Some students learn better by hearing books rather than reading themselves. I remember when I was in school and the special education students really didn't learn anything, I think it's amazing that programs are being created to help them to learn. Technology has played a huge role in education. I believe that with the use of computers the students become more interested in the topic. Some students will still not participate and go to other websites, but I feel that most will stay focused. I found Ms Cook's relationship with her students very interesting. She was able to tell when the student was saying yes or no by the way his eyes moved. One student used a mouse to put words together on a screen, I found that very amazing. This video was very interesting. I am pretty sure that when the time comes for me to teach more advances to technology will be made. I look forward to that.

How the iPad works with Academics for Autism

This video reminded me of an app that I downloaded on my 3 year old son's leap pad. I think that by using technology with children that It keeps their attention. The child in the video was autistic, but the ipad kept his attention the entire time. The child in the video seemed to be very interested in learning. I think the use of technology like iPad, leap pad, and other educational systems are more fun than the old fashion flash cards. Also their was a part of the video in which the child had to write words, and he was able to do it. I did notice that towards the end of the video as soon as the parent took away the iPad the child immediately lost focus. My child is not autistic, but he is 3. I have learned that 3 year old children have small attention span. When I sit my child down to play on his leap pad, he will sit there for an hour playing an educational game. I went online to the apple apps to find an app that would be useful if I was teaching a student who was unable to see clearly. I found an app called iseeclearly. This app could be downloaded to a phone, iPad, or iPod, and seemed useful in making small print bigger. It seemed easy to use all you had to do was take a picture of the text and enlarge. It reminded me of a student from a previous video who had trouble seeing I think this app would be useful to him.

Harness Your Students' Digital Smarts

Learning using digital

This video taught me the concept that "Teachers don't know everything. While watching the video the instructor stated how she knew nothing about a topic until her students taught her. I did notice that during the video the teacher allowed the students to get in front of the class room and teach.The students were learning while using tools that are popular in movies such as avatars. It looked as if they were playing games while they were learning. This seemed very fun and I can tell it really grabbed the students attention.


  1. I thought the video, Writing Peer Review TOP 10 Mistakes was funny, I thought the students did a great job in acting out the mistakes in the video. Some of the mistakes even reminded me of myself, and how I have peer edited in the past. I like how you notice in the last video about Vicki Davis saying, she learned some things from her students. I think it is important for both the teacher and student to learn from one another.

  2. A very important component of the Peer Editing assignment is Paige Ellis' Blog Assignment 12. Be sure to read it.