Monday, June 25, 2012

Blog Post #8

Richard Miller Discusses Writing

I had to watch the Videos by Richard E. Miller three times to try to understand what he was talking about! The Title was "Richard E. Miller Discusses Writing with Multimedia". I thought the videos were boring! His voice was even boring. Maybe if he showed his face while talking I could get into the video a little more. While watching the video for the third time, I decided to pause to take notes. Richard discussed how he was raised in a house full of books and dreamed to work with books one day! He is now an author and sells his book on Amazon for .59 cents.

During the video he mentioned how communication is now global. Most peoples work-space consist of a computer rather than pen and paper. He told how he did a report on the Virginia College shootings and was able to do it without going to the library. He found all the information online! He stated that most people walk around carrying a laptop. I found the information that he was saying was true because most people are "going green" and use computers for everything! I find it quicker to type than to write! I think it is great that his book is online, but he mentioned that educators should share knowledge freely. His book is .59 cents, that's close to free but it's not free. He is probably still making a profit off of it.

The presentations that he did about keeping the dream of Martin Luther King looked interesting. I find it amazing that we are able to use technology to get information. It is so much easier to Google something than to look through a lot of books to try and find information. Miller mentioned that we are living in the most important time for reading and writing. I believe this is true because any information that I want to know I can find a blog, an online article, or a post on Facebook! I think that is amazing!

Carly Blog Post 12

I think Carly did an awesome job on her blog post 12. Watch it Here She gave many different sources to watch. She explained how all children are different. Her post relates to Richard Miller because she used the internet to provide information! She did not look up in a dictionary and have to create a works cited page!! She gave useful links to information, a song, and other videos! I was unable to get the playlist to work!! It kept saying the page could not be found. All the other links worked fine though. She seems to have put a lot of time and effort into the post. Carly made a good point when she stated that not everyone likes to read!! Some people are visual learners! I think she did a great job on the post!!

The Video was about a student who procrastinated doing work. Her procrastination and inability to learn independently caused her to drop out of school and try to start her own school. Her school was shut down and she decided to get a degree online. the video was funny because it made me think of young college students always changing their minds. She was dependent on her parents and seemed really immature. I try to always do my work on time. The checklist has really come in handy!! I am able to check off what I have done every day! While watching the video EDM310 for Dummies I was laughing out loud. This video made me think of myself. The semester is halfway over and I am still feeling overwhelmed with work. I don't understand how people are able to finish the work in 16 hours. I have never been late on an assignment but I spend so much time at my computer I swear I will need a new prescription for my glasses by the time this class is over!! If I were to create or participate in a video I would like it to be about how many people get into the field of education without really knowing what they are getting themselves into. Before taking this class I saw education as a teacher standing in front of a classroom. I thought this way because that is what I experienced as a child. Now I see education in a different way!! This class has changed my outlook on being an educator! Or another idea that came into my head was creating a video about the negative things about classes being completely based on technology!! I love technology but there is a side effect to every drug!! Like I mentioned earlier about wearing glasses, my doctor said that I am unable to see far off because my eyes are so used to being so close to my computer screen!!

Learn to change, change to learn

Scavenger Hunt

For one part of the scavenger hunt I decided to find a tool similar to facebook. The tool that I found was Classroom 2.0. I found another site as well but it would not allow me to join. My request to join Classroom 2.0 is still pending approval, but I was still allowed to browse the site and look at all the useful information that some of the teachers have been posting! They have everyone wait for approval because they are trying to prevent spammers! I informed them that I am a student in EDM 310 at the University of South Alabama. I noticed that the latest main topic was Symbaloo. This is something that I could relate to because I recently completed a PLN using this tool. I feel that this could be useful to use with my class because while reading some of the post a lot of the teachers were on the site for help! They were getting such great ideas on what to do in the class room. I loved the site because their was not any post about "other" stuff. This would be a great network for teachers who are serious about taking care of business without reading what someone ate for lunch!!. Great social networking site.

Part 2
Another part of the scavenger hunt that I completed was part 2. I think for the video "Teaching in the 21st century" they used Prezi. I recently used this program for a project for EDM310. I think they give a great deal for students. The price to use prezi is free for 30 days but after its 59.00 for the regular and $159.00 for the pro. They give students and teachers a big break on the price and allow them to get the pro for $59.00 that's a savings of $100.00. I guess they realized that students are on a budget. I noticed that you have to use a student email to get the price though.

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  1. Jamie,

    I enjoyed getting reading your opinion through this blog of Dr. Richard Miller. I agree, that video was not one of my favorites; however he made valid points that can be used in education.

    I tend to only see the positives in technology, but you made a great point. To be a great educator I believe I need to be more open-minded and to see the positives and negatives in everything.

    Thanks again for sharing your opinions! I look forward to hearing more about you and viewing your class projects!

    P.S. I completed your survey! :)

  2. Hello Jamie,

    I'm commenting on your blog in lieu of Jacey-Blaire. She's been super busy helping her parents get ready for the grand opening of their new restaurant. Anyway, I think your post shows a lot of effort. I like to see y'all really getting into the assignments. I hope you had a great 4th!