Thursday, June 21, 2012


Humility quote

"10 tips for Workshop Presenters  any Teachers"
I Recently read a post by Edna Sackson feel free to look at it Here The post was really interesting. It was 10 tips for workshop presenters any teachers… I commented on Ms Sackson's post and told her how much I enjoyed it. A couple of the tips were use your own voice, don't speak too much, and the best one.. be humble. I loved this and I told her that I felt that arrogance will hinder learning. No one knows everything and sometimes the students are able to teach the instructors a thing or two.

"Are Adult Learners Different from Young Learners"

Another great post by Edna Sackson. In this post she describes how adult learners are basically just like young learners. She states how everyone is different and learn from different methods. She stated what adult learners value and enjoy. I commented on Edna Sackson's post about how I hated sitting in classroom's as a young learner and still hate is now. I am able to see similarities between the way I learned as a child and the way I learn now. In order to learn she stated that there is a need for a challenge and that everyone has the potential to learn.

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  1. A bit brief in summarizing Ms. Sackson's recommendations/beliefs/arguments.