Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Blog Post #6

Randy Pausch Inspirational quote

During Blog post 1 I talked about a video I watched online by Randy Pausch titled Time Management. I felt that the video was kind of boring. So when I found out that I had to watch another video by him, I was really dreading it. When I realized this video was over an hour long I began to dread it even more. I am so glad that I watched this video. Randy Pausch Last Lecture was an awesome video. Mr. Pausch told a lot about his life long dreams, how he achieved them, and quotes that I will always remember. During the beginning of the video I was kind of lost. My first time hearing of Mr. Pausch was during my first blog post in May of 2012 so he is farely new to me. I decided to do a little research on him and found that he was a professor at Carnegie Mellon University. While he was speaking at his last lecture he stated that he was told that he will have three months to live. When he made this statement my heart dropped. I didn't even realize that this man was dead. I then realized that is the reason he titled it his "last lecture".

While watching this lecture I realized that Pausch's parents did a great job with raising him. He mentioned his parents during the lecture and I was shocked when he showed pictures of his mother riding a rollercoaster at age 70. I was amazed when he showed his father at age 80 still going to amusement parks. During high school his parents allowed him to pain his bedroom. this is something that most parents will not allow children to do. When I was in high school I wanted to paint my bedroom purple, my mother liked white walls so that's the color they stayed. Pausch decided to paint an elevator in his bedroom. I found this really funny, but I think by his parents allowing him to do it they were allowing him to be creative.

I stated that I did a little research on Mr. Pausch I found a video on youtube Randy Pausch Inspires Graduates" .In this video Randy Pausch had lived past the timing that the doctors had given him. In this video he stated that "We don't beat the reaper by living longer. We beat the reaper by living well". Randy Pausch seems to have live a great life. During his last lecture he said some things that really stuck with me. He allowed me to see that some of the obstacles that I face in life are just there to show how dedicated and hard working I am. the obstacle is there to see just how badly I want to achieve my goal. By watching his last lecture it made me stop complaining and just work harder.

While Mr. Pausch was showing pictures of how he taught his students I was really impressed. I noticed that he was very "hands on". He was not the type that taught by books. He even stated in his lecture that he felt that by the time the students got to his classes that they should have read enough books. On most of the pictures that he showed of his students projects he was in them. He was always interacting and having fun with his students and I believe this is what made him so well known. This is probably the reason that his YouTube video has over 14 million views. Randy Pausch seemed to have a great relationship with his family. He stated that the lecture was made for his children. He also showed a great deal of love to his wife. In the first assignment for the semester My instructor asked if I knew anything about Randy Pausch and now I really do. By watching this video it has sparked my interest in him. I plan to read more about him and watch more videos about his lectures.


  1. Hi Jamie! My name is Lindsay Ann Parvin. Most people call me L.A. I am renewing my certificate now, and I start graduate school in the Fall at USA. I taught history and coached in the Mobile and Birmingham areas. I was assigned to you for my C4C's this week.

    It's funny, you and I both spoke about Randy's comment about allowing our children to paint their rooms in our blogs. I thought it was very profound.

    I also thought it was a very inspirational video!

    I watched your Prezi - great job!

    Watch your comma usage and tense usage.

    Have a great week!